Capital in community

Enabling high quality blockchain Technology

BlockFree Fund

BlockFree Fund is a venture capital institution which focuses on the blockchain field.
Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Singapore, the Block Freedom Fund is a blockchain investment fund integrating capital and flow. The main investment directions of the fund include blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and financial technology.

Core competition

  • Beiming Blockchain
  • Lu 'an Community
  • Daxia blockchain
  • Cricket community
The core of Blcokfree Fund is to combine capital strength with media and community traffic in the blockchain field, which not only injects capital into high-quality blockchain technology companies, but also empowers start-ups in terms of blockchain media and community traffic, helping start-up projects to build consensus and increase market publicity. Blcokfree Fund carries out strategic cooperation in several top encryption investment communities in China to give blockchain start-ups unique advantages in community and media resources.

Beiming Blockchain

Well-known in the field of cryptocurrency in China

Beiming blockchain is a well-known blockchain investment community in China and one of MXC super community nodes, which mainly focuses on market analysis, macro trend judgment and project incubation in cryptocurrency field. There are independent self-media and all-round media announcement channels in the currency circle. The domestic blockchain community covers more than 200 communities, which is the preferred announcement channel for overseas projects

Lu 'an Community

One of MXC Super Community Nodes

Lu 'an Society is also a well-known brand community in China. It aims at incubating high-quality blockchain projects, assisting the ecological construction of blockchain, docking the head resources of investment banks and providing professional data analysis for users. The business scope involves projects and capital, airdrops and quantification; Lu 'an Society is a strategic cooperation community of many top exchanges and it is also the preferred community for many top projects to compete for in-depth cooperation, effectively covering 60,000 active fans

Daxia blockchain

The domestic blockchain field is well-known from the media+community service platform

The Daxia Blockchain was established in early 2018 and is a well-known self-media+community service platform in the domestic blockchain field; It owns the media platform Heroes Blockchain, Daxia Community and blockchain classified information media website COINNEXT, with 100,000 fans. The main business involves project incubation, docking of media resources at the key of domestic blockchain, market promotion and community operation of overseas projects.


Provide a full range of services
for blockchain startups
and connect domestic top resources
for overseas blockchain projects
Market Service

Publicity of key media,
preheating of market activities
and community operation

Flow inlet

The top traffic portal of domestic blockchain investors gathers more than 100 community traffic

Advisory services

Market value planning,
secondary operation,
top-level design

Financing services

Primary market venture capital,
secondary market investment,
market value management and maintenance

Resource Docking

Wallet development,
two-layer network development,
business resources docking

Cooperative partner

Deep strategic cooperation, matching multi-channel resources for blockchain start-ups,
covering more than 90% of domestic blockchain investor communities.

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